Dog park

The Pontiff Playground Dog Park opened in early 2017.

The Pontiff Playground dog park opened in early 2017 and sits on 25,000 square feet of previously under-utilized land at the playground. It includes benches and drinking fountains for both dogs and humans. The park also includes a new irrigation system and catch basins to help it drain efficiently.

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Dog park rules:
– Always maintain control of your dog
– Always close gate upon entry/exit
– Leash dogs before exit and when outside dog park
– Maximum of 3 dogs per adult visitor
– Children 10-15 must be accompanied by an adult
– Closely supervise un-neutered male dogs
– Stay in view and voice control of pets
– Stay in fenced area with pet leash in hand

Not permitted:
– Children under 10
– Unattended dogs
– Puppies under 4 months
– Female dogs in heat
– Sick dogs
– Spiked or choke collars
– Dog toys
– People food
– Glass containers
– Jogging, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards, strollers and scooters

Dog park hours:
Saturday – Thursday: 8am – dusk
Friday: Noon – dusk